PCJ Child No-lye conditioning Relaxer Kit Regular


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PCJ Child No-lye conditioning Relaxer Kit Regular.

PCJ’s No-Lye Children’s Conditioning Creme Relaxer has NutrientSheen, a protein moisturizing conditioner that adds additional protection, sheen and manageability to your daughter’s hair. This virtually irritation-free relaxer conditions young hair before, during and after relaxing.

The New PCJ PRetty-N-Silky Relaxer for your child. THe decision to use a relaxer on your little girl’s delicate hair can be a difficult one. In a way, you’re giving use temporary custody of your daughter’s hair, and that’s a big deal to us. That’s why we created a new and imporved formula that straightens the hair effectively with lower levels of active ingredients, so there’s less chance of damage and irritation. Looking forward to a beautiful and trusting relationship.




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