Ackees Jamaican 280 gr.



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Product Description

The Ackee is the true fruit of Jamaica. This unique fruit is, to the surprise of many, eaten as a vegetable: in vol-au-vents, with rice, in quiches and most often in one of Jamaica’s signature dishes – Ackee and Saltfish. The Ackee is found on a medium size tree that bears magnificent red and yellow pear shaped fruits. When ripe the pod naturally bursts open into three sections to expose three shiny black seeds, each attached to a yellow edible aril. It is this aril that is consumed after the seed has been removed. To a real Jamaican there is no substitute for the taste of Ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica – it is the true taste of home. At Tropical Sun we take pride in providing the very best products, finest quality at great affordable prices.



Ackee Fruit, Water and Salt


  • Finest quality Ackee
  • Product of Jamaica
  • Ideal with Saltfish
  • High source of Vitamins and minerals



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